"Horror films don’t create fear. They release it.”
- Wes Craven

I can't really put into words what an inspiration for many things I would discover, fall in love with and cherish A Nightmare on Elm Street has been for me. It spawned a large chunk of my artistic creativity and an all around obsession for that film and all of its sequels to follow. Enough to brand a large part of my body with its original one-sheet poster artwork.

I have one man to thank for that. Unfortunately I will never get a chance to thank him in person but the best way I can show my appreciation was by paying homage and tribute to him with this piece.
That man is Wes Craven. A visionary, a legend, a man who set the bar for horror films and continued to do so throughout his career.

I was approached by HorrorHound Magazine shortly after his passing to create a very limited print to be signed by a hefty amount of the NOES franchise's cast to be raffled off with the 100% of proceeds going to Cancer research. Needless to say there was no hesitation on my part whatsoever.

This is my thank you. 

While you sleep in peace, your nightmares and dreamscapes will live on in all of us.