"Regret and remorse. Amends and atonement. That's life, right? Well, this next one is for you. All you lost souls racing down that long road to redemption and all you sinners running from your past but heading straight into that pit of darkness up ahead. We're all on the same endless highway... the one with no name and no exits... looking for a way out of tonight and into tomorrow. Well, they're going to try to stop you but you gotta say "fuck it" and keep moving. Because this is your highway. And tonight might just be the night you finally outrun those wicked demons once and for all. And I'll be right here with you, making sure you get where you're going."
 - The D.J.

This is such a fantastic anthology film and the score is fucking solid. 
When Mondo/Death Waltz reached out about this film, from the trailer alone I was bursting with creativity. Just one of those projects where it immediately inspires you.

Being an anthology horror film I couldnt help but take some artistic cues from the likes of Eerie comics and Tales From The Crypt. Its just fitting. It was suggested to me, one of the short films within to focus the artwork on and that I did. 

I was really stoked to work in this first-person POV for the gatefold. It made sense to focus on the trucks dashboard and radio as well, being that this is the score to the film and the radio ties every story together. Working with those glowing dash lights was fun. Really wanted to "Put you RIGHT in the Driver's seat." Knaw whu t'mean?

Great Film. Great Score. Really Fun project.