"That's my job, that's what I do, I'd like to think if you're seeing me you're having the worst day of your life." - Lou Bloom 

First off, the one thing that separates this print from most of my other private commissions is the fact that it is such a recent film. I tend to stear away from newer films for private commissions as there usually needs to be some sense of nostalgia or passion thats been there a while. However, NIGHTCRAWLER is just a great fucking film. So thats why I decided to tackle it.

There is always one thing that factors in whether or not I will do any poster at all: Is the composition worthwhile?

If a title is presented to me and in roughly 10 - 30 seconds I cant visually see anything in my head - chances are I wont even pursue creating one. It helps when a film is visually appealing to begin with. Its nice to have a great visually striking film to help set the stage for an original composition. I had at least 3 ideas in my head in a minute of thinking about this film. All very similar concepts, but concepts in their own right.

I opted for the first to come to mind. A sort of ambigrammatic poster. Something that can be viewed from two directions/perspectives even. As we learn in this awesome film there is a sort of Batemanesque tone to Lou Bloom. He presents himself one way, while on the other hand is is actually a complete sociopath. There are a lot of reasons to why I made each specific choice in this poster from the camera display, to the melting city, to the gridwork to the retroesque style of the overall piece.

It stands on its own from my previous work and it allowed to to try some new things in my process, which is always great.