Rob Jones of Mondo fame, the fantastic human he is referred the folks over at MonsterFest to me to create 2016's event poster. When they pitched the vibe they were thinking it was heavily influenced by my poster for Suspiria; that mixed with several other ideas and themes. 

They referenced somewhat iconic aspects of cult films such as ON THE SILVER GLOBE and THE STONE TAPE. Films to which I had never seen, so it was a bit challenging at first. VIDEODROME was mentioned as well. A handful of ideas all under the guise of brainwashed-infected-Made-For-T.V. vibe on some kind of cerebral-intrusive level.

Sounds complicated, right? Haha. It was a very layered and subliminal brief I was given. My original concept was essentially a scantily clad woman buckled into a chair being force fed different propaganda images pertaining to the sort of Hollywood-appropriated false standards/ideals of beauty and femininity through tv screens and computer monitors. Other screens x-ray her insides; some kind of nesting parasites in her body developing as a result. 

It was a thinker. Albeit the "woman in peril" vibe is far too risqu
é these days. Made sense.

There were several more concepts but ultimately they wanted to focus on a central character from ON THE SILVER GLOBE but infuse it with aspects from each previous poster concept I had pitched. We landed upon this which I think turned out pretty cool in the end. Its far different and darker than any of the previous (excellently executed) MonsterFest posters which makes me kind of proud.