"Can you smell the circus, Georgie?" - Pennywise The Clown

One of my most challenging posters to date and thats a really good thing.

When Mondo pitched me the job for Warner Bros. early this year, I jumped at it...Hell, I pounced on the thing. Ive been looking forward to a new adaptation of one of my favorite Stephen King novels for quite some time. Everything surrounding this film showed promise and felt authentic and true to the original novel...and Pennywise looks incredible. I'm absolutley in love with this Victorian era garb and the overall porcelain doll-esque design. Tim Curry's Pennywise in 1990 (as iconic as it was) felt dated in an era that, as much as I love it, can be somewhat of a time capsule...which isnt always a good thing.

Anyways, I pitched a few rough concepts and this is the one that stuck. I'm really happy for that.
Its not perhaps the most conceptual or metaphorical composition I've done but I felt as long as I rendered it right, this more straight-forward concept can stand on its own. I tend to always lean in more conceptual directions with my film posters. 

The hardest challenge was letting myself let go of the idea of making something so cryptic; sometimes the delivery of something less complicated can be just as effective, it all boils down to how it reads in the end. I chose a composition we're kind of used to seeing because in a way it avoided most of the cliche directions we'd imagine a poster for IT going in the first place.

I was given nothing to go off but the teaser trailer and couple of stills made available to the public prior. So, youve got your artilery: Balloons, Sewers, Paper boat and a Kid in a raincoat. Thats the instant imagery someone thinks of when IT comes to mind...and really all I had to go on. Theres plenty of imagery in IT but without concrete subject matter of the film itself to delve into, you have to keep it rather vague. I wanted to steer away from the sewers because I feel like Ive seen Georgie and/or Pennywise in a sewer conveyed in art countless times...albeit some great. 

Pennywise may use the sewers to slumber or travel but his dark, evil presence consumes the whole town of Derry. It influences everyone and everything in that town. I grew up in a town reminiscent of Derry, that was very white-bread and felt much like it was trapped in its own little bubble......bubble....balloon. I saw in my head Pennywise looking down into a red balloon at the town of Derry and the Losers' Club as if they are trapped in the bubble that is Derry. Pennywise isnt some creature in a sewer. Its a purely evil, malevolent force that consumes innocence and Derry is its feeding grounds.