"Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today." - Phil

Who doesnt love Bill Murray?
Everyones favorite jerk. I was so excited to take on this title for a poster. Its nice to step away from dark compositions and brooding subject matter and create something more light-hearted. I knew from the get-go I wanted this poster to be strong conceptually. I wanted it to be a bit oddball as well - capturing Bill Murray's crackpot charisma. 

I wanted to stay away from clocks. Period. To try and zone in on the sense of time in another way.
This concept came to me almost immediately. Murray's likeness was set in stone from the beginning. I chose to trail his head in a pattern / assembly line format with only one of his expressions breaking the fourth wall. The choice to have him torso-less is a touch on the "blue screen" weather map idea. We see the film touch on this with Andie Macdowell early on in the film; her body disappearing infront of the weather map cause shes wearing blue. Tossed in a couple other easter eggs in there.

I love how this turned out and the winter palette colors on the variant I think were a nice touch.
The poster was created for a screening of the film at The Hollywood Theatre in Pittsburgh for Cinema 412.

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18" x 24"  SCREEN PRINT