"...You little SHIT! Do you know what you've DONE?! Its TOO LATE! I've spent too much time in this body...I'm fuckin' TRAPPED IN HERE!" - Chucky

Another one on the bucket list done. Wow. I can honestly tell you I never imagined Id get to make a licensed screen print for Child's Play 2...but then again Mondo has a way of making things happen. It blows my mind. This film was my introduction into horror...well kind of. Chucky coersed me into the horror section of my local VHS store as far back as I can remember. I think a lot of kids were intrigued by the thought of killer dolls, or afraid. I was both.

The original one sheet/ box cover for Child's Play 2 with the Jack-in-the-box is emblazoned in my head. Its still fucking creepy dude. I had to see it. The Child Play franchise was very much my gateway drug into horror early on (NOTE: The first 2 horror films I ever saw were Pet Sematary and Texas Chainsaw 2 back to back).

The idea behind this concept is a play on the films 3rd act in the Play Pals Factory. The factory very much turns into Chucky's twisted funhouse. I wanted Chucky's visage to read like a funhouse entrance youd see at a carnival or midway. Often a giant mouth as the entrance. I wanted to originally show ONLY the metal Good Guy Skull youd recall from the intro of the film, but Chucky is much more present and really the star of the show in this film and Mondo and I inevitably opted to make it more recognizable by revealing some of Chuckys face by way of melting latex creeping onto the metal skull...come back to life.

Made only available at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2018