"You really think your sister could be out there after all these years?" - Lisa Arlington

I LOVE The Blair Witch Project (1999).

While It seems many people have grown to admire it for the jewel it is (as I do) - I'd have to say there is an equal amount who oppose it. Those people are stupid dummies.
Anywho this isnt for the 1999 film. This is for the sequel. The aptly-named BLAIR WITCH.

When Mondo/Death Waltz approached me for this project I was super excited and super nervous and super...well unsure how to approach it. I wasnt given anything much on the film other then the trailer and the words of a well-trusted source: "Its really fucking great."
So I thought it best to create something simple, iconic and dark. True to the first film.
I went in with '99's Blair Witch as my muse. The circle of branches on our front cover symbolizing the infinite circles our characters find themselves walking in again and again and again. These are not their woods. They are hers. I wanted the artwork to be as dark as possible without going full Smell The Glove. I wanted to put you in that environment. Lost in the dark and evil wood.

The score itself is so haunting. Extremely dark and ominous and brooding. There is a lack of any real instrumentation or clearly identifiable structured music. Its more the soundtrack of nightmares. Unnerving and unsettling sounds and tones. Much akin to the worst sounds you could imagine hearing being lost in those cursed woods. Its brilliant. Adam Wingard made us scared to go into the woods again...and terrified to hear its noises on our record players.