"In time...everything will be alright" - Robbie Robb, "In Time"

Its crazy how sometimes in life things come full circle...or perhaps full Circle K.
Yeah? No? Fair enough.

I think by this point anyone who knows me in any capacity, knows how impactful the Bill & Ted films have been on my life and continue to be. My mom often recalls frequently putting our VHS copy of Excellent Adventure on to keep me still; My ass glued to the floor and eyes fixated on the TV when I was getting on her last nerve, which happened to be pretty much every second of everyday apparently. Id sometimes watch the film on endless loop.

Even though Bogus Journey was the film that really opened my imagination and inspired me to pretty much do anything I did for the next 30 years of my life, Excellent Adventure was the doorway. It was the first. The music of these films ultimately influenced my choice to pick up a guitar and pursue music. One song from this soundtrack in particular was Robbie Robb's "In Time". It plays during the sequence in which Bill and Ted visit the futuristic temple. The song has always resonated with me and still gives me nostalgic chills. I must've put that song on every mixtape and rewritable CD I ever made.
Its mind blowing to me that 30 years later, I got the opportunity to create the artwork for a soundtrack that helped shape who I am today.

I figured unless the fountain of youth is unveiled sometime soon, chances are I (and most of us) wont live to see the year 2688 and get our hands on Wyld Stallyns debut album. I tried to create the next best thing I could.

I really have to thank Mo, Eric, Rob and the wonderful folks at MONDO for entertaining a fanboys obsession and dream and making it a reality. I owe them.