"The ironic thing is as much as we love it, its an art that's pretty much dead. The studios aren't hiring illustrators anymore....and it's sad. The fans have taken it upon themselves...to make magic."
- Adam McDaniel

I hold this film and all the people behind the camera and most in front of it very close to my heart.
When 24 X 36 had launched their Kickstarter campaign, creator and director and fellow Canadian Kevin Burke reached out to me to do a limited edition screen printed poster for the film. One they could use for perks in their campaigna nd for promotion. Thats pretty great in itself! But then he asked me if I would like to partake in the film...to which I very very happily obliged.

Kevin poured his heart and soul into documenting the importance of the film poster. Specifically the handpainted/illustrated posters that pre-date the 90s celebrity portrait that plagued cinemas worldwide - the rise and fall and resurgence of illustrated film posters. It was years of travelling and interviews and conventions and so on and so forth. He spared every ounce of energy he could for this film - and it shows. I was lucky enough to tag along for a lot of the production and filming of the movie and got to see it all come together first hand. It was pretty incredible.

Fast forward a few years later and the film was picked up by Snowfort Pictures (XX, Turbo Kid, We Are Still Here, Cheap Thrills, Starry Eyes...the cant-fuck-with list goes on.) and graced the screen at many film festivals to much acclaim and adoration. Its a wonderful film through and through.

I owe Kevin a lot for reaching out to me when I was barely even on the scene and giving me the platform to show my work. Had Kevin maybe done things differently and not given me that opportunity, I imagine things would have turned out a lot differently for me. I believe this film helped a lot of the artists involved out. Such an amazing thing.

Now that the film was ready for wide release and distro, Kevin reached out to me again to do the official theatrical poster. This was such a daunting task. One I felt needed something bigger than myself alone could muster. I reached out to Kevin and pretty much said "If we're making a move poster for a movie about movie posters, this shits gotta be special and like...really rad. Lets get several artists to collaborate." Sounds like an absolute disaster, right?

It wasnt! I came up with the composition and layout and reached out to several artists and good friends who were all involved in the film:

Sara Deck (#4), Paul Ainsworth (X), Joshua Budich (#3), the fiendish Ghoulish Gary Pullin (#6) and myself (#2).

Assigned them their area, agreed on some famous film tropes and everyone just did their thing. I fucking love this poster and how it came together and what it represents. I dont think we could've done a better movie poster for a movie about movie posters.

Some incredible folks featured in this film:

Joe Dante
David Byrd
Roger Kastel
Richard Amsel
Bob Peak
John Alvin
Andrea Alvin
Jason Edmiston
Phantom City Creative
Rob Jones
Laurent Durieux
William Stout
JC Richard
Matthew Chojknacki & more.